You want to produce your own content. Terrific. But where to start, who to hire, and what happens when that extra in the fifth shot suddenly becomes categorized as a “featured extra?”

Consider us your marketing department’s secret weapon. As your executive producer, we provide the plan, the how-to, and the follow-through. We guide you through the process and fill roles, as needed, so that you don’t have to build out an entire department. Here’s how we work…

Step 1 - The Plan

It starts with an EP who assesses where you’re at, puts together a production plan, a ballbark budget, a calendar, and recommends staffing. We use your brand’s existing team, and fill out the rest.

Step 2 - Development

You know your brand best. We’ll work collaboratively with a strategist and creative team to help draw out insights, clarify your message, and turn it into something fun. We might also suggest a Writer’s Room.

Step 3 - Production

As your brand’s producer, we’ll be hiring top-tier vendors, advocating as a member of your team, and giving you clear, demystified access to the process. If we’re the right fit, we can also be your production company.


The value you get:

  • Expertise.

  • Scale on a per-project basis.

  • Outside perspective, to make sure your message is clear.

  • Control without risking quality.

A typical contract might include:

  • Executive Producer

  • Creative Strategist

  • Creative Director