Why have one great idea when you can have ten? Or, how “Yes, And…” can build on a brand’s brief.


How It Works:

Woodlette’s Writer’s Room is a new way for brands to get a big, fun, diverse pile of ideas, right away. Based on your brand’s creative brief, we curate a group of writers with backgrounds in film, television, advertising, comedy, heck even just great Twitter voices, and lock them in a room* for a weekend write-a-thon. In the room, we’ll be building off one another, arguing, cajoling, “yes, and-ing,” and generally creating magic the way a TV writer’s room does.

The Writer’s Room can be used along with or in place of a creative director during the development phase.

What You Get:

  • Lots of ideas in about a week.

  • Ideas that are unexpected.

  • Pressure testing your brief. Is it inspiring interesting work?

  • A way to shake things loose if you’re getting stuck.

  • Non-traditional campaign directions.

*By "lock them in a room” we mean we pay them and offer so many amazing pastries that they can’t help but stay until the work is done.